Welcome to the 2017 Twin Cities
Unified Theatre Auditions Information Page

2017 TCUTA:
March 18, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Singing Auditions 11:15-12:13 and 1:15-5:00)
March 19, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Singing Auditions 1:15-5:00)
Callbacks will be held each day after the auditions.  
A Program of CLIMB Theatre held at
Concordia University, EM Pearson Theatre

312 Hamline Ave. N.
St. Paul, MN
(Please do not call Concordia for information.)
If you have questions, contact Anton Jones, TCUTA Coordinator:
651-453-9275 x. 40
Please do not contact Concordia University!
Theatre organizations -- if you are looking to register, the Invitation and Registration form is due March 10th. Prices increase by $5.00 after February 1st so register early!
Click here to register online:
Theatre Registration Form
Click here to download as:
Word document
PDF document
Deadline for registration is March 10th:
Singing auditions
(2 minutes: 1 song plus one monologue, in that order)
11:15 AM - 12:13 PM and 1:15 PM - 5:00 PM Saturday
& 1:15 PM - 5:00 PM Sunday
Non-singing auditions
(2 minutes: 1 or 2 monologues)
9:00 AM - 11:13 AM Saturday & 10:00 AM - 12:13 PM Sunday
This is a professional audition. You should not audition if you have never auditioned before or if you are not completely confident in your selections. You MUST be off book for your audition.
In order to attend the Twin Cities Unified Theatre Auditions, you must:
  • Be 18 Years of age or older.
  • Send a copy of your resume & headshot to anton@climb.org. After reviewing your information, we will send you the link to PayPal to purchase a registration code. When the payment is confirmed you will be emailed a registration code. This code will allow you to register for the day and time slot of your choice through this site. See Registration.
  • Pay the $30 registration fee. You can pay on-line with a credit/debit card.
    OR send a check along with your headshot and resume to Anton Jones, CLIMB Theatre: TCUTA, 6415 Carmen Avenue, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076. You will then be emailed a registration code when payment is received.
  • Complete the on-line registration form in its entirety, including uploading a copy of your headshot (See FAQs & Tips)
Along with fulfilling the above criteria, auditioners must meet 2 of the 5 following criteria:
  • Performed at least two Leading roles for a Professional*/Educational* Theatre company
  • Performed at least two Supporting roles for a Professional*/Educational* Theatre company
  • Performed with at least 4 DIFFERENT Professional*/Educational** theatre companies
  • Completed one semester of formal actor training (including college/university or conservatory training)
  • Be a member of Actor’s Equity, SAG, or AFTRA
*"Professional" is defined as a paid acting performance
**"Educational" is defined as any higher education (non-high school) including work at a University, College or Conservatory.
*The auditions are combined (Equity and Non-Equity).
*This is a general audition; make the theatres want to see you again.
*Your audition is timed from your first word or significant movement/note.
You have a total of 2 minutes. Your introduction is not timed, but keep it brief. Introduce your name, number, and the plays your material is from. In your 2 minutes (a timer will keep strict track of your time) you can perform a monologue, two contrasting monologues, or a song and then a monologue.
*Sing only if you are confident with your selection and have performed a significant singing role in a production. Please sing first, then perform your monologue. An accompanist will be provided. Tape accompaniment is not available. This is a general audition.
*A chair will be available for your use. Please note that there might be a set on stage and it may be raked or made of wood planks.
*All actors must arrive for check-in 60-90 minutes before their scheduled time.
*Switching audition dates after you have registered is not an option. You will have to cancel your audition before March 10th in order to receive a refund so that you may register again for a different date.
Actors must be registered by 5:00 PM, March 10, 2017. Late registrations will automatically be referred to the waitlist and will not be guaranteed an audition slot.
Audition slots fill quickly. After your receive your registration code, don’t wait to register! Uploading your registration materials by the closing date does not guarantee an audition slot. If a day that you want to register for is no longer available, you may register on the waiting list. Actors on the waiting list must pay the full fee and will not be refunded unless they cancel before 5:00 PM on March 10, 2017 (see Cancellations below). Being on the waiting list does not guarantee you an audition slot. No walk-ups are allowed.
Cancellations made before 5:00 PM, March 10, 2017 will receive a refund, but will be assessed a $1.00 handling fee.
Cancellations made after 5:00 PM, March 10, 2017 will be accepted, but no refund of registration fee will be granted.
Always err on the side of being early! All actors must arrive for check-in at least 60-90 minutes before their scheduled time (and the TCUTAs usually run on time). No one will be allowed to audition out of order, unless they have authorization from a TCUTA representative to do so. If you miss your audition time, you miss your audition. No refunds will be made to individuals who miss their audition.
In the event that an actor is not at the theatre at the time of his/her audition, the time slot will be skipped and auditions will proceed with the next scheduled auditioner. No refunds will be given to those who miss their audition.
Callbacks will be held each day after the auditions, and will take place at:
Concordia University
E. M. Pearson Theatre, 312 Hamline Avenue N, St. Paul, MN
Callbacks will be posted on site at the Concordia Theatre Lobby and will remain posted after the auditions and during the callbacks. They will be updated as often as possible. Prepare to bring at least one headshot/resume per callback. If you cannot attend a callback, please contact the theatre company who called you back directly. Please do not call Concordia University for information.
The dance call will be held both days at 5:00 PM. Only actors called back to dance call need attend.
We are currently looking for volunteers that would represent the TCUTA organization on one or more of the auditions days in the following positions: Set Up Crew, House Manager, Theatre Liaison, Host, Stage Manager, Lunch Coordinator, Timer and Runner. Volunteers will receive $5 off the actor registration fee and must pay for their registration by cash or check only. Positions will be divided into shifts that can run between an hour and a half to four hours long. Volunteers must dress appropriately (no jeans), represent the organization in a positive manner and arrive at least 15 minutes before their scheduled shift. Please contact Anton Jones at anton@climb.org or 651-453-9275 x. 40 if you would like to volunteer.
We are also looking for one or two interns that will assist the TCUTA organization from February 20 - March 20. They must have a car and a flexible schedule. Interns must be willing to represent the organization in a positive manner. No stipend or college credit will be given for the position(s). Please contact Anton Jones at anton@climb.org or 651-453-9275 x. 40 if interested.
The auditions will be held at:
Concordia University
E.M. Pearson Theatre, 312 Hamline Avenue N.
St. Paul, MN
(Please do not call the Concordia for information)

Concordia University is on bus lines 21 & 63.
Parking is available on the street or in a pay lot in front of the theatre. Please allow time to park. Space is limited.
*Please note that there might be a set on stage and it may be raked or made of wood planks.
  1. You must fulfill the AUDITION CRITERIA.
  2. Send a copy of your Resume & headshot to anton@climb.org or mail to
    CLIMB Theatre: TCUTA
    6415 Carmen Avenue
    Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076
    Include your name, phone number, e-mail address, and how you would like to be contacted (e-mail or phone).
    You will receive an e-mail with the link to PayPal to purchase a registration code, using Credit Card/Debit Card/Check online. This code will allow you to register online through this page for the auditions.
    *If you want to pay by check, submit the check for $30 with your resume & headshot and you will be emailed a registration code when payment is received.
  3. Log on to http://tcuta.climb.org/unifieds/login.asp with your code.
  4. You will set up a username and password. This allows you to log in at any time to make updates to your resume.
  5. Complete the Online Registration Form. Make sure you fill in ALL the information!
    This includes uploading a copy of your headshot. Follow the instructions to correctly size your headshot to your Information Form.
    *This is the sheet the theatres will receive prior to your audition. It is your resume and contact sheet. Make sure you have a reliable way for the theatres to get a hold of you!
  6. Select a Time BLOCK. (9:00-9:30, etc.) You will automatically be slotted into the first available slot in that block. If that block is full, you will be asked to select another Block until you are given a time.
    *Arrive 60-90 minutes before your audition time.
  7. Check your resume a few weeks before the audition to verify all the information using your user name and password to log on. If you have problems accessing your resume page, contact us immediately.
Regarding the auditions in general, please email: anton@climb.org
Please do not contact Concordia University!
*2 minutes is not enough time for my audition. Why is the time so short?
It takes a director/casting agent 10-20 seconds to decide if they want to see you again or not. Make them want to see you again!
*What theatres or organizations attended last year’s TCUTA?
Arquette & Associates
Bob McFadden
Children's Theatre Company
Cincinnati Playhouse
CLIMB Theatre
Commonweal Theatre Company
DayTrippers Dinner Theatre
Freshwater Theatre
Green Sea Productions
Guthrie Theatre
Imagined Theatre
Janet Preus
Lake Country Studios
Minnesota Shakespeare Company
Missoula Children's Theatre
Mixed Blood
The National Theatre for Children
Prairie Fire Children's Theatre
Remedios Creative LLC
St. Croix Festival Theatre
Swandive Theatre
Théâtre du Monde
Trompe l'oeil
Troupe America, Inc.
Uknighted Artists
Walking Shadow Theatre
*Why do I have to provide an electronic Headshot that can be uploaded?
Organization! Theatres doing the auditioning DO NOT like shuffling and flipping through papers while people audition. This format allows them to have all the information in one place, on one page. And rather than flipping through papers, the theatres can simply look at your form and then give you their full attention for your audition.
*What size does my headshot need to be?
For the TCUTA form, your headshot needs to be 3 MB (3,000 Kb) or less in order for it to fit on the form correctly. If you are having difficulty uploading your headshot - most likely, it is of the wrong format or too large (pictures need to be jpg or gif format and less than 3 MB (3,000 Kb) in size). If you are resizing your headshot, please keep in mind that the headshots that appear in the books that the theatres receive are approximately 2 inches by 3 inches (portrait orientation) and are black and white. It is generally a good idea to crop your picture so that the face takes up most of the image. Please note - you will need to upload your headshot even though you have emailed it to CLIMB.

  Thank you to these organizations for their support!
          Peking Garden Seafood Restaurant
1488 University Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55104
Keys Café & Bakery
500 N. Robert St.
Saint Paul, MN 55101

Thanks and we’ll see you in March!
6415 Carmen Ave E
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076
Outreach Department
Katie Langston
(651) 453-9275 x18
Gaming Department
Collette Tompkins-Bell
(651) 453-9275 x11
Teaching Company
Lauren Diesch
(651) 453-9275 x20
Performing Company
Anton Jones
(651) 453-9275 x40


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